Welcome to the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center!

Welcome to the heart of the Finger Lakes!

The City of Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center (GNRC) is the public face of the Office of Neighborhood Initiatives. GNRC staff work with individuals and with groups of neighbors to improve their blocks, streets, and neighborhoods.


To build confidence and pride in Geneva’s neighborhood through collaboration, education, and thoughtful design.

The Information Marketplace:

The GNRC also serves as a marketplace for thought, education, and discussion about the history and the future of Geneva’s built environment.  It is both a living laboratory and a studio. We host and sponsor events that contribute to the ongoing conversation about Geneva’s identity and future.

New to the City of Geneva?

Each neighborhood in the City of Geneva has a unique culture. Residents participate in neighborhood activities to bring unity and collaboration for change while developing friendships, social opportunities, and beautifully diverse experiences.

  • Find out what neighborhood you live in by viewing our maps
  • Learn about the unique profiles of each neighborhood
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  • Get involved!