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Welcome Home!

Residents of Geneva, NY:

Welcome to the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center!


The public face of the City of Geneva 

Office of Neighborhood Initiatives


The Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center believes that every resident can make a difference. Whether on a large or small scale, every action and every effort can truly help our neighborhoods thrive and create a better quality of life for all who live in this Uniquely Urban city. The GNRC is:

  • The one-stop-shop for information to help residents become more active, involved and connected to the City of Geneva and their neighborhood. 

  • The resource for neighborhood associations to help facilitate  community involvement and improvements in Geneva, NY


If you are a visitor and are seeking more information on what the City of Geneva has to offer during your stay, please visit:


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Paint a Pull Station

 13th Annual First-Year Student Day of Service Service organizations including UG Collective, Hildreth Hill Neighborhood Association, Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center, HWS Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning and the Geneva Fire Department have teamed up to organize more than 70 volunteers to repaint more than 100 utility poles throughout the city. The August 30th …

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Engaged Resident Series: Bicycles

Do you love your bicycle? Has it been awhile since you have taken a cruise around the lake, a leisurely ride in town, or pedaled downtown? Is it an activity that your children enjoy or that you are hoping to embark on to promote health, environmental friendliness, or economic savings? There are a number of …

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